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Would you like to try the most useful utility I've ever used ?

ClipMate makes you more productive by making the windows clipboard work better.  It adds the functionality that Windows leaves out, starting with the ability to hold more than one item!  (The regular Windows clipboard holds one item at a time.)


ClipMate holds THOUSANDS of "clips" for days, weeks, even years if you need it to.  And you can organize, edit, re-format, print, combine, search, and manage your data.  You can even encrypt sensitive information like credit card numbers.  We've even thrown in a spellchecker with thesaurus.

Do you have a need to keep often-used (or seldom remembered) scraps of data around for easy pasting?  Do you often need to move many pieces of data from one application to another?  How about answering questions on a mailing list or help desk?  Do you wish there was an easier way to make screen captures or prints?  Or an easy way to clean up those >> marks and BAD FORMATTING in a great joke that arrived by e-mail before you pass it on?  Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Clergy, Genealogists, Help Desk Staff, Engineers, Programmers, and Internet Marketers of every sort, depend on ClipMate every day to make their work easier. 

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