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Email directly from DOS !


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Capturing Lpt1

DOSPRINTER runs under Windows, and allows you to print from a file to any WINDOWS printer. You can print to network printers, USB printers, and even all the latest printers that have "Windows Only" written all over them!

Current version:  11.25 - If you don't have this version, feel free to download a free upgrade!

Breaking News !!!  DOS Printer can now capture lpt1: directly!!

DOS Printer can now capture the lpt1: port directly even if your DOS Program cannot print to a file!!**
**This may not work on all Operating systems or on all computers - follow the link for details ...


Even NEWER!! - Create your own "Virtual Letterhead"!!!

Dos Printer can now create and use "Rich text Files" as "Virtual Letterhead".  This means that you can create a "letterhead" (using color, text and Graphics!!) which DOS Printer can use as a background when generating reports.  Your DOS Programs can now produce very professional and modern looking documents for either email or printing!

NEW - Create pdf Files from DOS !!

DOS Printer can now create (and email) pdf Files from your DOS files!!  You don't need any pdf generation software - DOS Printer has it all built in !!!

NEW - Scripting built in !!

Dos Printer can now use letterhead or redirect a report to email based on scripts that you include in the document!  Eg.. include the characters %DP:E2 and Dos Printer will automatically email that file as a pdf attachment!  see the Help file for details!


You can even FAX directly from DOS !!

DOSPRINTER is a little programme that sits in the system tray and monitors for the presence of a certain text file. If that file exists, the file is opened and printed using WINDOWS mechanisms to any WINDOWS printer that you specify. It acts just like a "virtual printer driver".

Features ... (check out ScreenShots or Helpfile!)

bulletAutomatically captures lpt1:
bulletEmail directly from DOS !
bulletCreate Virtual Letterhead to use as a background for your report
bulletCreate PDF Files from DOS!
bulletAutomatic font sizing
bulleteverything is converted to courier font so all your columns line up
bulletEPSON escape codes are used to apply larger, smaller, bold, underline etc even in the middle of a line!!!!
bulletThose pesky double lines that seem to turn up as Italic E's and similar characters are converted to their nearest courier equivalent.
bulletExtensive Help File
bulletDoesn't take focus if program run in DOS window
bulletAdjustable Line Height !!
bulletYou can now print a specified file without  deleting it !
bulletDOS Printer supports different paper sizes.
bulletYou can use wildcards in the filename. For example, DOS Printer can be set to print all c:\report\*.txt files
bulletYou can specify a left margin (Some printers can't print very close to the left margin)
bullet You can specify a default character spacing (print condensed reports with no printer control codes needed!)

Download a free fully functional 30 day trial version!


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