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Set 1 - d-icons
Set 2 - d-icons2
Set 3 - d-Documents
Set 4 - d-Users
Set 5 - d-Smart Icons
Set 6 - d-Crisp
Set 7 - d-Crisp Letters
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d-Icons are available for purchase from $US19.99 per set.

That's at least 100 files for less than $20.

Ok, you could make them yourself. Here's a nice, professional looking and cheap alternative.

Most Icon collections forbid you making derivative works - not here though ...

Many of the sets include also include a blank icons in 48*48 icon in each color and each shape so if you wish to build on
the set yourself, you can make icons that have exactly matching backgrounds.

Most Icon collections forbid you to use their icons in 3rd party tools to be re-sold by other developers - not here though ...

Check out our license agreement !  You can't sell our icons as icons, but you can include a reasonable number royalty free in any projects you sell - even to other developers !!

You can download a few sample icons to check out the quality by clicking here

To protect your privacy and security, I use Esellerate to process payments.

To visit my online store click Here

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If you would rather use paypal, send a payment to dosprint@dsbglobal.com asking for whichever set or sets you like - this may take a while to process though whilst the esellerate option is instant.