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Licence Agreement and
Acceptable Use Policy:

You may use D-Icons icons royalty free in your software and any other place where graphic content is needed.

D-Icons items are licensed for use either by only one person per purchase. 

Whilst you may use an unlimited number of these icons in your own work, you may not sell or re-sell D-Icons images as an icon set, distribute them or redistribute them as icon files whether for profit or otherwise except as described in this policy. 

Given that many of the purchasers of these icon sets will be developers, you are given permission to distribute up to 50 of these icons as icon files in 3rd party tools designed for other developers.  Your customers may include the icons with their applications or source code royalty free! 

For example, if you created a template set for other developers that needed an insert and a delete icon, you may distribute those icon files (and up to 48 more) to other developers for their unrestricted use.  I would appreciate but do not insist on acknowledgement as the source of the icons.

Alterations and modifications to D-Icons images are allowed. You are provided with a blank background icon to modify and create your own icons as you please! If you do this, however, the icons so made will be considered part of the d-icons set and subject to this licence agreement.

D-Icons and its creators are not responsible for how the customer uses D-Icons images, or the projects they are used in.

Refunds will be issued under the following conditions:
- the refund is requested in writing within 30 days of purchase
- you agree to delete all instances of the refunded D-Icons images from any media where you have stored them, and you agree not to use them in any manner.

For questions concerning our License Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy, email icons@dsbglobal.com