Icon Chooser

A tool for Programmers!

Helps choose Images, and copies them to your development folder:
Filter every image by name...
Copy Image name to clipboard...
Rename Image and copy it to your development folder and put the name in the clipboard with one click!

Source available for Clarion Programmers - Pure Clarion - no templates required!
$14.99 for program, $24.99 with Source!


Licence Agreement

IconChooser is available in 2 forms:

  • Single User Licence
        Cost = $14.99
        This is a User licence not a machine licence
            - install on ALL YOUR development machines

  • Limited Source Code Licence.
        Cost = $24.99
        Includes clarion.app file (C6.3 9052)
        No templates used
        Customize for your own use or redistribute to other licenced developers

Download a fully functional 30 day trial version of IconChooser by clicking here...