Icon Chooser

A tool for Programmers!

Helps choose Images, and copies them to your development folder:
Filter every image by name...
Copy Image name to clipboard...
Rename Image and copy it to your development folder and put the name in the clipboard with one click!

Source available for Clarion Programmers - Pure Clarion - no templates required!
$14.99 for program, $24.99 with Source!


Licence Agreement



Do you have lots of images and icons ? (If you don't, then check out www.dsbglobal.com/d-icons <g>)

Are you like me ?  I make an app and then decorate it later (much like I make a cake!). 

I have lots of icons that say "Add", but which one to use ?

Icon Chooser makes this easy.  It stores your images (not just icons!) in a file, and displays them so you can see how they look on different size buttons, stretched, tiled and centred.  Use the built in filter locator to limit the display to icons containing "add" in the file name (see above)

Once you have found an image, click a button and you can copy it to your development folder, and rename it at the same time ...

I use add.ico as the icon name for all my insert buttons.  To change the look throughout the app, just use Icon Chooser to pick a new icon, and easily move it to your development folder as add.ico

After copying the image to your development folder, you can go to the window properties and press control-V to paste the new icon name in the right spot.